Bereavement Support

The experience of grief can be overwhelming and often confusing, particularly in the early weeks and months following a significant loss or change. The important thing to remember is that everyone experiences grief in their own way and your grief is unique to you.

Whilst these emotions may feel extreme and chaotic, they are usually a normal reaction to a significant loss and will subside over time as life grows around the grief. Recognizing and perhaps understanding what is being experienced may alleviate some of the stress related to grief. There are a number of helpful resources available. However, sometimes professional services is required. Please do not be afraid to ask for help.

 Remember we are always here to talk to and although we are not health care professionals we may be your first point of contact. Your General Practitioner may also be a good starting point, as they will also check for any other underlining issues that maybe contributing to your wellbeing. They will also be able to direct you to relevant professionals who specialise in Loss and Grief.


Hope Bereavement Support

 Geelong and organisation offering free support counselling when grieving the death of a child and suppprt after suicide 

Mensline Australia

Telephone and online service offering support for men,

and their families.

The Salvation Army

International Christian organisation providing support where ut is needed the most 


National charity providing contact with someone who cares when you need it most

Red Nose

Dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and offering support to bereaved families

Kids Help Line

24/7 free telephone and online support services for young

people aged 5-25 

The Compassionate Friends

Victorian-based organisations Supporting Families after the

death of a child


Offering a wide range of support services to help strengthen communities

Hope Bereavement Care

Support After Suicide 

Support for any person bereaved by suicide and those caring for them